Visual Search Apps Offering Real Life Solutions

18th May 2011

If you know anything about me, you might know that I’m obsessed with anything Google and that that company pretty much runs my life. A few updates to two of my favorite Google apps are now making my life on the go easier as well.

The Google Shopper app, similar to other apps on the Market such as the Amazon app  allows users to easily compare product prices and make simplified purchasing decisions in-aisle. I found myself using this app often while Christmas shopping this past year, comparing product reviews, prices, etc. all while in store.

Google Shopper app now allows users to employ visual search to identify products. By scanning a barcode, or even the product itself, users are given information such as price, reviews and places to buy. After a recent scan of a DVD, I was even more impressed to see a link to a YouTube trailer of the movie right in the interface. Shopping made simple.

Not to leave visual search to shopping, the  Google Goggles app has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. The basic premise is to perform a Google search through a photo scan. Examples of items that work best include products, logos and even paintings hanging in a museum. However, the most recent update to this app really catches my  heart, translation. Simply scan any foreign text and the app will utilize Google Translate to give feedback into the desired language.

Though I don’t use these visual search apps as often as I should, this could be the next step to connecting our digital and real world experiences. As much as I love QR codes, I would much rather like to scan a photo, ad or product directly to be rewarded than scan a group of boxes. What do you think? Have you been satisfied with the accuracy of visual search apps so far? Do you think apps like these could ultimately replace our use of QR codes?

PS…if these examples didn’t win you over, this one from a few months back should do the trick. Yes, visual search can solve “real life” problems as well.

0 thoughts on “Visual Search Apps Offering Real Life Solutions

  1. Drew Hawkins

    u00a0I think there’s a brighter future in visual search. As much as I love them, I think QR codes are a temporary solution to what’s to come. Taking a picture of something and then being given information off of that photo recognition will make visual search a little more functional.u00a0nnI have both Goggles and Shopper downloaded but I always forget to use them. The only thing I’ve used Goggles for is solving all my dad’s sudoku puzzles to get under his skin :)u00a0

  2. Dean Collins

    image recognition will always have issues until everythign in the world is in the database.nthis is years off and until door knobs come with instructions this will be a fail.n