Current Inspirations: New Apartment Decor

24th January 2013

I still haven’t quite actually moved into my new home sweet home, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream, right? In preparation for a clean new palate, there are a few things I already have in mind:


1. Our new kitchen nook is a little smaller than our current area (I’m still on the hunt for a Craigslist table) but in brightening up the space, I’d love to get my hands on this Pinterest-inspired project made of stained paint sticks over a lamp shade.

2. I’ve had the couches in our living room since college and although they were an awesome investment at the time, I don’t have quite the same amount of love for them today. A new sofa is definitely out of the budget, so I’m looking forward to adding some color to the room with some new pillows. While looking across the web for fabric, I came across (seriously? I didn’t think to just try that URL?) and the options are endless. I’ve filled up a whole board with some of my favorites.

{Keep an eye out for a full details post as I just learned how to use my sewing machine (that I’ve had for 10+ years) this week and I can’t wait to break it in.}

3. Hardwood floors call for a big rug. I’m pushing the purchase button on this guy as soon as it’s back on sale. I stumbled across Rugs USA after reading a post from a coworker’s blog, Buckhead Betty on a Budget, about her recent living room redesign and had to check it out. The prices and selection are unbeatable.

4. I’m in LOVE with these mercury glass lamps from Pottery Barn. Unfortunately  they are another piece my bank account might not love. I’m looking forward to doing some DIY with a lamp I have that is looking for a re-do and some Kyrlon Looking Glass spray paint.

What are your move-in-ready decor musts?

0 thoughts on “Current Inspirations: New Apartment Decor

  1. Kelly Morgan

    Oh I just LOVE #1. Maybe we should have a pinterest-lamp-crafting-club night? Oh, with wine too of course 😉

    And RugsUSA is great. I’ve gotten a couple from there already. Great for a small budget!