Friday Favorites: Edition Six

8th January 2016

We made it to the first REAL Friday of 2016 (January 1st, as you were spent on the couch, you don’t count). While the weather may have reverted back to its ugly face, this week was filled with warm, sunny surprises. In the figurative sense at least.

On holiday lights


Fun fact: The Twelve Days of Christmas begins on Christmas day, meaning I insisted we soak up the holiday through Wednesday. January 6th, known as Three Kings Day or The Epiphany, celebrates the day the three wise men reached Mary, Joseph and Jesus. The meaning behind this part of the season is something I fall more in love with every year and gives us an equally opportunistic chance to listen to N’Sync and pause to consider the joy that comes with the kings’ journey.

Tuesday night we made it out to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for the holiday light exhibit and it did not disappoint. Bonus points: it wasn’t crowded, it was actually cold enough for s’mores and the Christmas music was still blaring. My holiday heart can rest happy until Advent 2016.

On baby bulldogs

FullSizeRender 27

This week I had two opportunities to get back in touch with my UGA roots. First, I enrolled in Grady’s student mentorship program late last fall and met with my mentee for the first time this week. If only she could take me to class on Monday, it would have been perfect. Next up, UGA’s Give a Dog a Bone campaign kicked off this week, with my stack of cards and envelopes arriving Thursday. The campaign asks alumni to write cards of congratulations to incoming freshman (class of 2020) and is still seeking volunteers if you’re interested. It’s also a fun excuse for me to practice envelope calligraphy.

On sparkly things

FullSizeRender 26

I put my new Peal Ex Powdered Pigments from Paper Ink and Arts to work this week after receiving a set from P for Christmas. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to write in plain, black sumi ink again. So far, the rose gold is just to-die for. Since the inks are powder based, I can mix as much as desired for each sitting. I can’t wait to experiment with mixing a little into some of my other colored inks as well.

If you’re new to Friday Favorites, this is a series where I catalogue random happenings from Monday to Friday that bring joy to what can feel like the boring part of the week. Weekends shouldn’t get all of the life credit you guys. You can catch other posts from the series here.

2016, I Dare You

4th January 2016

I have never been one for resolutions, but when I stumbled upon a few friends sharing a single word to challenge themselves by for the year, it sounded like something I could get on board with.

Words? I love words. If you were to dig into my computer history, you would likely find the Thesaurus to be my most commonly used app after Keynote. I spend my working days choosing the perfect word. Choosing one for myself should be easy. The only problem with this grand not-a-resolution-but-kinda idea being that while I love words, choosing a single one has never been my strong suite.

Then this morning while listening to this track on Spotify one popped into my head.


Maybe it was the slightly dark lyrics or the ‘I could run a marathon’ beat that forced the word dare into my head, but almost immediately it felt right. When I headed to the Thesaurus and the first entry was “be brave enough”, it was settled.

Growing up, dares were something to be feared. A dare was likely something you weren’t supposed to do. A dare was going against the plan. But what if I could think about dares differently?

FullSizeRender 25

Instead of a year of firsts, 2015 was the year of, “OK life, let’s do this”. It was a year where I was thankful to find focus in work, in fitness and in marriage. It wasn’t a year of puppies and rainbows, but 2015 brought me some of my most challenging, rewarding and beautifully simple days. And while every article we read about our twenties screams for us to go out and find independence, 2015 taught me to embrace never doing life alone. 2015 brought me fierce partnerships through friends, coworkers and my ultimate truth or dare partner: my husband.

In 2016, I’m daring to leave what’s comfortable, to embrace the risks, and to be brave enough to finish the next 362 days having shared a better version of myself with those important people.

Daring to trust that it is all part of the plan

Daring to show grace, not competition

Daring to trust my gut

Daring to eat the cupcake and not feel guilty about it

Daring to listen before speaking

Daring to run the hilly route instead of taking the flat one

Daring to take my time

Daring to be imperfect

Daring to choose where to eat the first time P asks

OK, so maybe that last one is a bit ambitious. 2016, here we go. I double dog dare ya.

2015 in Review

31st December 2015


2015 by the numbers

6 states traveled

3 new countries visited

26 blog posts written

77 Classpass classes taken

1 new job

3 public speaking gigs

492 miles run

1 year of marriage celebrated

2015, you challenged us, made us laugh, left us terrified at times, gave us plenty of reasons to smile and readied us for everything 2016 will bring. Thanks for being an all around lovely 365 days for the books.