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Facebook at work? Diesel has an app for that.

22nd June 2011

Worried about using Facebook at work? Diesel has created a web app for that.

Diesel’s site “Be Stupid at Work” allows users to download an application that transforms your Facebook NewsFeed into a not so obvious excel spreadsheet.

As brands look for more creative ways to offer value to fans daily social lives an execution like this was is pretty unique to say the least. The app allows users to login directly from the “spreadsheet” and sheets feature the NewsFeed, Wall and Chat with “numbers” to accompany each value.

Sure, it’s not nearly as pretty as real Facebook, but an A+ in usage of Facebook Connect. Disel has taken to heart it’s brand identity as edgy and breaking the rules and truly brought it to life in a digital activation outside of the typical Facebook tab.

Take a look for yourself and quick, before your boss is looking over your shoulder. 😉

Bolder storytelling through actions

17th June 2011

This morning, I came across a Tweet from Mountain Khakis asking fans to share a story for a chance for free apparel. It always catches my eye how brands encourage users to take such a personal and impactful action such as sharing how a brand has impacted their lives. I was even more surprised when I saw where the link took me.

Bolder, a network built to encourage users to take action states on their homepage, “Everyone has influence. Bolder is a place where Challenges and Rewards inspire action.”

The challenges are simple, for example, that Mountain Khakis tweet doesn’t direct users to the brand after all, but a call for users to share their most memorable outdoor experience.

To complete an action, just share your story and post it to Facebook for your friends to return and Like the content. The top 100 actions, those with the most Likes, will be rewarded with $10 off their next Mountain Khakis purchase.

Encouraging action through the essence of the brand and through the power of a community – not just your friend list – allows the group mindset similar to that of Groupon and the power of social crowd sourcing to infuse. The result is a hyper-personalized community with rewards for both sides, physical rewards for the customer, deep user connections and content for the brand.