Facebook Deals Debut

26th April 2011

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Facebook Deals coming our way, and as of today, they have made their debut.

If you are curious as what a Facebook Deal is or where to find a deal, check out this post. For now, let’s take a look at some of the platform’s more interesting features.

  • How to find Deals: Facebook has added a Deals tab to the left rail of every user’s homepage. Here you can click to see current deals as well as any unused or past deals you have bought or received from a friend.
  • How to pay for a Deal: Use your credit card (which will remain on file within your Facebook account until you remove it from your account settings) or pay with Facebook credits. This is perhaps one of the most interesting features as Facebook clearly pushes to make the realm of social commerce a reality. Facebook has not revealed whether revenue will be greater for the merchant or Facebook depending on the method of payment.
  • Sharing a Deal: Users can Like or buy a Deal directly from the Deals page, which will also generate a News Feed story automatically. This also allows a user’s friends to directly buy a deal from the News Feed.

Aside from another group deal service, what does this mean to users, brands and the multitude of existing deals services?

Ease of use, the power of the Facebook News Feed and the allure that we could see a deal platform to cater to all audiences. As the group deal playing field continues to evolve, we will all keep a close watch on how Facebook can capitalize and integrate into the space.

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