FullSizeRender 17I’m Kaitlyn, a 20-something living in Atlanta and still wondering why I ever left my sweet college town. See, here’s the thing: you graduate college, you find a job, maybe you make some new friends or get decide to get married and suddenly there is no manual telling you what to do next. As much as I’d love to live life through my Pinterest boards, it’s not exactly a feasible option (see the 20-something part). So here we are. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you will enjoy my stories, and maybe even feel a little closer to conquering the world, I know I am.

I spend my days with the incredible people at this little chicken company working on our mobile app. I’m also a runner, explorer and up to try almost anything once, with enough convincing. Outside of work, you’re sure to find me in one of two places: enjoying the outdoors or making things, Pinterest-y style. I’m also a big fan of sunsets, the Georgia Bulldogs, my two furry friends Vida and Luna and of course, my other half, Patrick.

This blog is a collection of my thoughts and opinions on the ever blurring edges of grown-up-life, work-life, married-life and figuring it all out one step at a time.