The Importance of Purpose

17th July 2011

I have a love for QR codes, if you have ever read my previous posts, that much is clear. But like any great love story, it has to have meaning, a reason behind the glitz and glamour. QR codes are a great way to bridge the gap that still exists between our physical worlds and the technology that we carry around in our pockets that can bring it to life. QR codes take the flashy, in little barcode and suddenly give it meaning when scanned and revealing value to a user’s digital life. However, scanning a QR code that doesn’t have meaning, that adds no value or that delivers a clunky experience is more than an individual disappointment, but one that can halt a first time users exploration of a great use of technology.

I recently scanned a code in a grocery store hoping to learn more about an interesting blue flower, an experience I was hoping would add value, education and a potential purchase. However, I was directed to a full website where reading the material in-store was less than ideal. Clearly the code was used as glitz and glamour over purpose. When planning to direct any type of new technology to consumers, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • What am I asking my end user to do? And what am I providing them in return? If it’s to give information, should this be in the form of a video? Or perhaps a quick way to scroll through facts?
  • Where will the action take place? Do you expect users to take a code home or to influence purchase decision? These two answers as vastly different and should define the experience you deliver. For example, if in-store, why not deliver an exclusive offer or compelling fact, recipe or information that may dictate a purchase decision.
  • How do you plan on tracking these actions? Be sure to choose a platform that will allow you to track every action. Where have people scanned? What time of day did the action take place? Was this as you had expected? These insights can help you to uncover deep information about your target consumer and will help you to analyze where to send consumers next.

Technology should be simple and it should offer users value in their lives. Take purpose into account when planning and these actions will provide your brand value in return.

0 thoughts on “The Importance of Purpose

  1. Jeff Hilimire

    I’ve been having similar experiences. I was in an ice cream place recently and there were QR codes all over. u00a0I scanned one and it brought up a website for some fitness trainer in town. u00a0So. u00a0Stupid.