Amazon targets mobile through email

16th August 2011

This morning, I received a rather interesting email from Amazon inviting me to upgrade my Android phone, through their new wireless service.

How did Amazon know I’ve been using an Android phone for some time and may be looking to make an upgrade in the near future? I’ve downloaded apps previously from the Amazon app store.

As our digital channels become more and more seamless, the opportunities to hyper target users based on interests and preferences is opening up the playing field to deliver rich user experiences.

By taking the time to connect the data between my phone and my Amazon account, Amazon was able to target my preferences by offering information on products I may be interested in actually taking action and purchasing.

In addition, Amazon provides clear call to actions in the email showing their selection of unlocked phones and a bonus $15 credit towards any future app, book or music purchases for my potential new device. The interaction on-site is rather seamless, integrating easily with my existing carrier account, plan and service options.

As retailers look for ways to drive ease of use, personalization and user recommended content when making purchasing decisions, channel integration examples such as this can become the tipping point for a user to make an educated decision. I for one cannot wait to compare, review and shop for my next phone all within the comfort of a network I already love and trust.