Ways to make your week more awesome

30th January 2013

I stumbled across this video this week and couldn’t help but smile.

I’ve been in a bit of a rut this week myself, struggling to find the awesome in the days and keeping from just going through the mundane. It happens to all of us and it’s certainly nothing to be afraid of, but how do you make every day awesome with a to-do list a mile long? I sat down to think about just that and to get myself out of my boring mood. Here’s where I landed:

  • Share something nice. You never know how someone else started their day and your compliment could make the difference. Plus it just feels good
  • Challenge yourself to do one little thing different each day: take the stairs, run a new route, stay OFF of Facebook for a day. Switch it up and keep things interesting
  • Say hello to the person next to you in the elevator. It’s not awkward, and if it is, it will make you laugh in no more than 45 seconds
  • Go a whole weekend without wearing make-up or blowdrying your hair. You can’t imagine how refreshing it is. {And yes, you can actually leave the house looking like that. Seriously, no one worth your time is judging you}
  • Treat a friend to dinner or drinks, without telling them. Yes, your salary is small, but the next part is payback. Make that overdue “we should hang out again soon” actually happen in less than three months. Surprise + delight + more time in the future with the people you love, how could that be better?
  • Call someone. On a phone. There is nothing better than a catch up phone date with your BFF from high school / your brother / your Godmother. Trust me, it’s the highlight of my week, every week.

What else would you add to the list? How to you brighten an otherwise ordinary day?