Weekend Wins: Decorating with Craigslist

10th February 2013

It’s been a little over two weeks since I moved into a new apartment and this little place is finally starting to look like a home. Over the past few weeks, I have also become Craigslist stalking obsessed: the good news, after Saturday we are now 33% there. I hope.

Our new apartment view. Not too shabby.

Our new apartment view. Not too shabby.

Our new dining room space is slightly smaller and a little more size challenged than our last place. This means when we moved we said goodbye to the table and chairs we had borrowed for the past few years. This also means we have spent the last two weeks eating dinner off of the coffee table.

The unofficial Craigslist app

The unofficial Craigslist app

Back to the Craigslist stalking. Let me tell you, if you think this is as easy as a “find a super cheap, yet super adorable and also not from a crazy person’s house” kind of trick, you are sorely mistaken. But that’s half of the fun.

I kept the searching simple: “table” with photos, under $100, in the Atlanta area. The unofficial Craigslist app also worked wonders. The app allows you to save favorites, see photos and keep checks on which ads you have already browsed, all which came in extremely handy as I’ve been trying to check this thing at least once a day.

After several failed attempts at possible matches {I’m telling you, you have to watch this thing like a HAWK. We are talking less than an HOUR in some circumstances for things to get swooped up}, I lucked out, seeing an ad early Saturday morning for a small pedestal table which just might work. A phone call and a measuring tape later and I was on my way to pick this little guy up. For $15 dollars. Score.

The new $15 baby space table

The new $15 baby space table

Unfortunately, the chairs that came along with this guy {yes, the ad was for one table and TWO chairs for $15. That’s why the stalking is worth it} were not quite as cute and they found a new home at Good Will on the way home.

Which leads me to the 33%. We now have a table, no chairs. Decorating happens in baby steps right? I have a few choices in mind already, but I’m quite in a bind and at a loss on which direction to head.

Two chairs or four? K and I are small people, yes, we have guests, but two chairs just might make the space feel bigger and not over crowded. And that’s what we can pull up extra chairs for.

I've always had a crush on these guys. Not so sure we can pull them off...

I’ve always had a crush on these guys. Not so sure we can pull them off. Source

Tall or short? I’m thinking tall chairs might help the space look bigger if we stick to the two chair plan, plus I can likely reuse these babies as end chairs when I have a larger dining room in the future.

Another front runner + long term relationship-ability

Another front runner + long term relationship-ability. Source

Print or solid? I love a good print and anything with lots of color. Still undecided here.

Too much? Not enough? Give a girl some advice.

Too much? Not enough? Give a girl some advice. Source.

So check one for Criagslist. I’ll keep up the stalking in hopes that the powers are still with me and I find another great deal, or at least something I can easily paint and recover. Or I might just become impatient and click the purchase button one of these guys.

Clealy I’m undecided. Help, suggestions, votes in the comments are all very welcome. Here’s to making an apartment in the city a home.

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  1. Lauren Carnes

    I’m all about a great print! Plus, now’s a great chance for a fun fabric that you can always recover later. Regardless, absolutely love the wicker-esque ones for forever though. Both great options! Maybe a good vote is the cheaper one?