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Dayzipping: exploring the real world one adventure at a time

11th January 2012

I’m an avid outdoors fan, and there is no way I’d rather spend my weekends than hiking, running trails, or exploring the backroads beyond 285. Finding somewhere new however, is not always the easiest of tasks, and let’s just say the people who manage the outdoors spaces I love aren’t typically whiz kids when it comes to SEO, easy to use websites or social presences.

Yesterday while reading a blog post on local Atlanta startups, I stumbled across a company I had not heard of before and within the last 24 hours, it may be my new favorite app on the market.

Dayzipping allows users to select a city and preview a selection of days trips within their area to sort by various categories such as distance, popularity, price or theme.

Let’s compare dayzipping to Scoutmob, but with deals and adventures to take you someplace to burn all of those calories you just consumed at 50% off.

Currently available as a website and Andriod app (+1 for finding something my Apple lovers can’t have just yet), dayzipping is an easy to use experience to stumble across some of your areas most well hidden treasures, all in one place.

I can’t wait to get out explore, starting with this trip this weekend.

How do you discover things to do around your area? What are your favorite Atlanta destinations on the cheap?

Redefining resolutions through technology

4th January 2012

The dreaded swap of comfy sweaters to those for spandex and running shoes, it seems to creep up earlier and earlier each holiday season. New Years Resolutions to get in shape are nothing new, but let’s be honest the word “resolution” really should mean “I’ll keep this up for at least two weeks and then let my too busy schedule take over.”

Making a “resolution” and sticking to it takes more than a new pair of sneakers, it takes a shift in the way we behave and luckily there are plenty of tech gadgets out there today to help you do just that. Here are a few of my favorites.

There’s nothing new about the Nike+ system which launched in mid 2009, but it’s still one of the best on the market and my fitness addiction. The system, which started as a simple in-shoe chip and receiver for an iPod has now expanded to an iPhone app, GPS watch and SportBand.

My new favorite is the SportBand watch which easily allows me to glance at time, distance, calories, pace and time elapsed on my wrist. The whole system costs less than $60 and the watch face converts to a easy to plug in USB to record data. No more glancing at an armband or carrying an extra device.

The motivation for logging those miles? The Nike+ system makes it easy to track progress, set goals and join groups with other runners – both physically or virtually. I’ve found setting small goals for myself like run X miles this week or run X runs with an average pace of X have really kept me going and striving to hit the next level.

Not a runner? Check out the Nike Training Club app, which allows users to pick a type of workout and follow through with timed exercises and video tutorials.

Apple TV and YouTube
My boyfriend, tired of watching Netflix with me on my tiny computer, recently surprised me with an Apple TV. Beyond Netflix, I’ve found it to be a great companion to quick workouts when the weather is miserable or I just don’t feel like heading out the door. With YouTube integration, I can easily add workout videos to playlists from my computer and easily catch up through my TV.

With YouTube’s recent launch of the YouTube Next Trainer program, I can easily follow along with some of fitness’s rising stars from the comfort of my living room. This is the perfect motivation for quick exercise direction before bed, with most workouts lasting 10 minutes or less (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t have 10 minutes before heading to bed).

Yes, most of my Pinterest boards do fall into the categories of DIY, crafts and cute owls, but Pinterst is a great place to find easy, healthy recipes. Not typically a huge cook, I’ve found myself cooking much more from scratch and saving more money than ever before by choosing the right recipes. An easy favorite of mine: baked apple chips. These take 5 minutes to make, let bake for a few hours  while home during the evening and take to work for a snack the next day.

Use that time with your electronic devices in new ways this year and you might just find yourself with a “resolution” that lasts far longer than 14 days.

From dial up to dialed in

8th December 2011

When I was in middle school, I wanted nothing more than for my parents to get high speed internet. No more dial up. Why? AIM. Yup, Aol Instant Messenger. As a middle schooler, I thought the coolest thing possible was to be able to leave up one of those super cute **<<sleeping>>**  away messages. An away message I was never able to leave, as my internet kicked me off-line as soon as you picked up the phone line.

True. Story.

Today while reading to my mentee over lunch, we started talking about Christmas lists. She shared with me that she is really hoping for a laptop for Christmas this year. She’s in 5th grade. So what use does a laptop serve her? She shared that her favorite things to do on the computer are to play games, check email and chat.

Email and chat? Do 5th graders really do that today? Yes. We talked about email, she has two accounts, Yahoo and Gmail, thought she likes to use g-chat to talk to her friends and cousins. We even talked about video chatting and she expressed how much she loves getting to hang out with her friends online in that way.

I’m sure at this point, I shouldn’t be surprised what-so-ever by how children are using technology in their daily lives, yet it never ceases to intrigue me. It’s so fascinating to think how our behaviors stay the same, while only the mediums are changing. Sure, she’s not dreaming of AIM statuses, but she is thinking of the ease of her own device to communicate, an evolution we know won’t stop anytime soon.

At least I can breathe a sigh of relief that she isn’t asking for an iPhone just yet.

And just in case you needed any more proof of the next generation who will lead the way in technology and connections. Be sure to check out the video below.