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Signing off as a Dennihy

5th January 2015

After nearly two months, a lot of paperwork and several far too many naps, I’ve recovered from getting married, changed my name (as far as the federal government is concerned) and I can officially call myself a White. It’s been a whirlwind of two months and we’ve loved just about every second of the journey.


Everyone tells you that your wedding day will be the best day of your life. Our entire wedding week surpassed every expectation and filled that claim for more. Everyone also shares endless advice. I couldn’t love that tradition more, especially one particular coworker who kept me sane the week of by sharing a new story daily (thanks Adam).

I’m sure I could blog and share photos for hours, but to tribute all of the advice and stories shared, it felt best to break down down the day with our favorite shared words of wisdom.

Five pieces of wedding advice worth sharing

1. Get plenty of sleep the night before

First, this didn’t happen whatsoever. Though after staying out with friends until 3:00 AM on our wedding day, I wish it did. So did the five hours I spent napping on the couch on Sunday.

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 10.41.31 PM

Living close to the wedding venue (and having in-laws who also live within a few miles) I was fortunate enough to have the girls stay at Patrick and I’s little home on wedding eve. When we planned it this way, I thought to myself “Fantastic. My own bed? I’ll sleep like a baby!”

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 10.44.48 PM

No such thing. After about 1:00 in the afternoon the nausea set in and didn’t subside until after the ceremony. Having the cops come to your door at 2:00 AM after a neighbor backed into your bridesmaid’s car didn’t help either. Yes. That happened. But survive we did – and thankfully no one was hurt.

2. Every hour, step back for a full minute and just take it all in

This did happen. From the moment we joined hands at the alter, to soaking up our loved ones all together on the dance floor at Johnny’s Hideaway at 3:00 AM, this was hands down the best advice we were given.

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 10.46.35 PM

Per the advice of our planner, we opted to forgo cocktail hour, choosing to have plated hors d’oeuvres brought to a room in the offices of the reception venue. It may have only been 15 minutes or so, but just taking a few minutes to soak in what was happening, just the two of us, was so special.


3. Dance … and then dance some more

We may not have had the chance to speak to every one of our guests (if we didn’t speak to you 1:1, know we love you just as much), but we did make the most of the dance floor.

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 10.50.21 PM

P is NOT a public dancer. Pretty early on in our dating days, I made him a compromise that he only had to dance with me for one song at every wedding we attended (which meant a LOT of girlfriend dance days) … if he would agree to dance every dance should we ever get married. Welp, that paid off. Maybe I had a hunch 😉


4. Don’t leave for your honeymoon the next day

I don’t know how people make it to the airport 12 hours later. See the five hour Sunday nap comment above. That combined with a going away brunch for our out of town guests allowed us to recover and savor every second with family and friends.


5. It will go by in the blink of an eye

So that’s not quite advice, but I don’t think I really understood what anyone meant until we experienced this ourselves. Our entire wedding week literally flashed before our eyes and from what I hear, the years and then decades will continue to do the same. And in this case, we look forward to soaking it all in, one moment at a time.


A most sincere thank you to our incredible vendors who made our day come to life.

Photographer: Lauren Carnes Photography |Venue: King Plow | Florist & Caterer: Bold American | Videographer: Brody Bearden | Cake: Publix | DJ: DJ Danny M | Hair: Kimberly Morgan | Dress: Bride Beautiful | Shoes: J. Crew | Bridesmaid’s Dress: | Suits: Guffey’s


The best wedding registry yet

1st October 2014

After a quick trip to Lenox today to pick up some reception decor and try our hand at narrowing down mom’s MOB dress options, I have big news that it seems the world needs to hear.

Anthropolgie now offers wedding registries.


After years of threatening to move into the store, this feels like a fair enough compromise.

P is thrilled, as am I. Perhaps our home will be filled with girly cookbooks and delicate plates after all.

Has anyone else had success with smaller store registries? Worth mixing it up with the big boxes or a skip? I’d love opinions.

#YouBetterBelize It: Planning a Honeymoon in Belize

8th August 2014

If I had to pick the most stressful element of planning this entire wedding thus far, it would have to be hands down, honeymoon planning. Those 300 hand calligraphed envelopes have nothing on the honeymoon monster. So let me tell you, booking flights this week was a huge weight off of our shoulders. Belize, here we come.


With the world as our oyster, our planning pretty much went like this for about three months:

Strategy number one: pull up Google Maps, choose a country, Google weather in that country, then look at flights on Kayak.

Strategy number two: hire a travel agent. While this certainly helped rule out a few destinations, it certainly didn’t cure my indecisiveness.

Strategy number three: go back to the always reliable Rory Gilmore pro/con list. Here was ours:

  1. We are spending two weeks, so somewhere we could travel every few days, though not live out of a suitcase
  2. Stay within budget, so we can travel comfortably, maybe even splurge here and there (if you know us, this will likely mean dinner where we spend more than $30 ;))
  3. Beach. Has to have a beach
  4. Make that a beach with activities – P gets bored quickly
  5. Not spend days on planes, trains and automobiles getting there
  6. No big resort accommodations. We are drawn to little local places, boutiques hotels and the like for the charm and personal feel

After this, we seemed to have narrowed things down a bit:

  1. Rules out Peru. Too much hiking for this trip
  2. Sadly, this is how New Zealand and that dream of Bora Bora died
  3. Europe, we’ll see you someday, but too cool temperatures in November kinda kill the beach vibe
  4. Most small islands, out, not enough adventure variety
  5. Bali, though still SO high on the list, lost due to its 38 hour travel. Yuck
  6. Hawaii came SO close, but then we did some more homework and stumbled upon BELIZE

We booked flights (and our first destination) this week and could not be more thrilled. We’re planning to spilt our trip with one part jungle, two parts islands.

The jungle is booked. First up, we’ll be heading to Caves Brach where we are staying in a freaking treehouse. Please note, I believe I’ve used the adjective ‘freaking’ every time I describe the treehouse.

Caves Branch

Next up, we’re exploring two of the cayes, four days each. Currently, our front runners are Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker.

We now know why everyone counts down the days to the honeymoon and we can’t wait. 94 days and counting.