New Kid on the Block

14th September 2010

I’ve officially entered my second week of work here at Engauge and I have to say I’m really loving it so far. As I’m new to Engauge, agency life and this blog I thought it best to give a little background on myself and why I’m here!

I graduated from UGA in May 2010 with a B.A. in Journalism, my major being Public Relations and minors in Spanish and New Media. I have always had passions for writing, design and communication and from the time I was accepted to UGA I knew I wanted to make a career out of journalism.

At the end of freshman year I went with PR, thinking, well, I can do pretty much anything with this one. I had an amazing experience within Grady College of Journalism, but somehow felt pitching, calling media and planning events, wasn’t for me.

That’s where I got lucky.

After several internships, countless classes and many late nights with student organizations I somehow fell into the world of digital and social media. I landed an internship with the Coca-Cola Company in May 2009 and haven’t looked back since.

I’d like to think I really was just in the right place at the right time as it took off and I am more than happy to have been given the opportunity to have a career centered around the technology that’s so much a part of my daily life.

As my time with Coke came to a close more than a year later, I knew I wanted to try something new and different, heck, isn’t that what your twenties are for? So I took a leap and landed in the agency world, here at Engauge in fact.

I’m now a member of the Digital Innovations Group and learning more and more each day. It is my hope that I’ll be able to share some of the innovation and inspiration I find with you through this blog.

I’m still a PR girl at heart, who’s just a {bit} of a nerd, and I’m eager to see how my two worlds collide, so stay tuned!

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