Turn Your Business Card into a Text Message with Contxts

24th September 2010

Have trouble remembering your business cards or even creating them in the first place? I’m a big fan of networking events and it’s always part of the conversation – so here’s my card. When you’ve forgotten your, or even worse – don’t have one with you – responding that you can reciprocate can be a terrible feeling.

In a recent mobile media summit, I learned that nearly 80-85% of the US market currently does not own a smartphone. BUT more than 5.5 trillion text messages are anticipated to be sent in 2010. Text messaging is much more likely behavior for reciprocation as opposed to some of these very cool smartphone apps. Why not make your business card into a text message?

Thanks to the insight of a few of my team members, Tessa Horehled and Joe Kaufman, it’s possible with Contxts. It’s not a new service, but definitely worth a second look, Mashable even covered it last year.

Contxts allows users to create a username for new contacts to text to 50500 and receive their contact information instantly. The best part is what information that person receives is customizable through their online interface and if you’re wondering who has actually texted and requested your information – Contxts has that covered.

They will automatically send you an SMS as well providing you with that person’s phone number, and if they have registered with the service, their name as well. All of this information is stored on the online site as well, saving a historic record of anyone who has ever requested your information – a digital rolodex in essence.

Give it a try by texting Kaitlyn to 50500, or creating your own here. It could be your lifeline at that next mixer or even a great addition to liven up a powerpoint during your next presentation!