Social superlatives: Where do networks belong?

29th September 2010

Recently my boss, Jeff Hilimire, wrote a blog post about the idea of transferring his blog over to Tumblr and the idea sparked a lot of healthy debate among the DIG group.

The ideas presenting really got me wondering, with the social media overload we are all facing (especially when it’s your job as well as your day-to-day life) what purpose does each social network serve?

I’ve set a few boundaries for myself and my many networks. Here’s a sample of some of my favorites:

Facebook: Most Popular – Everyone you know is on Facebook, from your best friend in preschool , your college roommate and even your parents. For me, this is my “personal” site. Photo tagging, event updates, brand relationships, and people I only know and care about are here.

Twitter: Most Outgoing – Twitter has become my personal RSS feed. Why subscribe to a billion blogs when I can follow them, get updates and read at my own will. I try to keep sharing to a professional and news worthy level, but spur of the moment “what are you doing?” updates fly.

Linked-In: The CEO – Linked-In was my go to source fro job hunting. A message here to a colleague of mine actually led to my new job at Engauge. Staying on top of connections, who’s viewed your profile, or who you may know are all key to keep networking ongoing after that tweet-up.

WordPress: The Brains – Well, you’re here, and hopefully you can see for me this platform helps me think outside of 140 characters and discuss new emerging media topics.

Blogger: Gossip Girl – I used blogger for my 365 day photo project and found it great for informal blogging, for those who take blogging more seriously, I feel WordPress has bundles of extra tools.

Foursquare: Jetsetter – This one can get spammy and creepy quickly if you’re not careful, but it can also lead to some great deals and tips. I always check out tips led by other users when trying out a new restaurant, only sharing via Twitter if I feel it adds to the conversation.

Tumblr:  Class Clown – I’ve tried this one a few times, but since finishing my 365 photo blog, I’ve been looking for a new way to blog casually and this one seems to be a great answer. I really enjoy the re-blogging feature and sharing the content of those around you.

So, of the many choices out there, what are your favorite social networks and what purpose does each serve for you?