How to: Solve a sudoku puzzle by snapping a picture

12th January 2011

The power of mobile continues to amaze me each and everyday. And I have to say, this recent advancement would have come in pretty handy during those “difficult” days of filling in puzzles from the Red & Black while in class at UGA.

Check out the video below on how Google Goggles can now solve your sudoku puzzle. If you are not familiar with the application, Google Goggles allows user to do a visual Google search from his/her phone. Simply snap a photo, and it works to recognize the image using their image database.

As we see more mobile advancements in 2011, the uses of applications such as Goggles and it’s implications for search, branding, etc. are endless.

0 thoughts on “How to: Solve a sudoku puzzle by snapping a picture

  1. Keri Lyons

    I have heard of Google Goggles for the Droid, but I should have known their was an App for the Iphone too! Silly me.. It is a very cool tool to use, though it had some problems with a few pictures. However now that I know there is an App for the Iphone I will be getting it so I can cheat on my sudoku’s ;)! Can’t wait to see what else this App will be able to do in the future.

  2. Josh Martin

    Wow, that is awesome. Great way to check your answers or cheat when you’re stuck. 🙂 nnSo, what’s the next evolution of this? Take a photo of a complicated math problem with Google Goggles and it will provide you with the correct solution.