The Perks of a High Klout Score

22nd January 2011

Klout has called itself the standard of influence for measuring individual influence across Facebook and Twitter. With 500 Million and 175 Million users respectively, the tool has certainly defined a way to navigate the chatter and overload we all face in social. However, up to this point, the biggest concern for an influence score as an individual is so what? My score is a 45 (a drop from a 51 only a month ago, but who’s counting right?), but what does in earn me?

In a sea of millions of members across networks, searching for the perfect candidate to spread your businesses’ next big thing feels like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Klout is working to change that.

Earlier this month, Klout announced Perks, a platform allowing Klout users with high scores in targeted area, demographics, etc. to be rewarded  with, you guessed it, perks. For example, the company is currently running a campaign in San Francisco along with Audi allowing selected users to take the new Audi A8 for a test drive at an upcoming event as well as a chance to win a luxury weekend getaway.

It’s pretty clear that is is win-win for both sides. Exclusivity for users, perks for being the highly socially engaged. The brand finds not only a highly defined test market, but a market inherently inclined to spread the message to peers that are ready to listen.

As outbound communication becomes more and more defined by the actions of users rather than the advertisements of brands, these platform enhancement will help to finally uncover the ever elusive ROI we were all searching for in social in 2010.

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  2. @KathleneHestir

    Nice find! This is verrrry interesting and I’m not surprised to see that Klout is starting to form partnerships with brands to help them find influential people on Twitter. Although I have to throw out my one problem with Klout – their scores are too general. They need to show what topics these influencers are actually influential in u2013 because you canu2019t be influential in everything. If Klout can adjust their formula and help brands pinpoint influencers in their target communities – I think they will have hit the jackpot:)