Finding Home

20th March 2013

Today I had the excuse opportunity to head to Athens, GA (home of my alma mater) for the day to speak on a panel regarding using social media to get a job, which was wonderful. There are few things I love more than sharing even a fraction of the advice, guidance and hope that was shared with me during my days in college.

It’s amazing to look back and see how many things have changed – from campus (Mexicali on Lumpkin closed??), to the community (fun fact: my baby sister is closer in age to students than I am, which is just plain awkward) and to life after Athens.

There is no possible way that if current me had the ability to teleport back to junior or senior me and shared where I am today and what I have had the opportunity to see and do in just three years that I would believe a word of it. Yet, I drive down Broad Street and I’m taken right back as if a day had never gone by.

Athens was my first home. It led me to find out who I am (and that I was more than the little quiet one).   I fell in love with leaves (and a sudden hatred for that machine that vacuumed them all up from the streets), with football and with a rather adorable someone in Athens. I met some of my best friends and learned where passion and drive can take you through the story of a little boy with HIV. I discovered running. I made silly decisions that lead to fantastic stories. Four years goes by far too quickly, but the best part is certainly seeing all of the amazing that can unfold after it ends.

In sum, today I was humbled and reminded how awesome this path can really be. #awesome.