Here comes the sun (fingers crossed)

24th March 2013

This guy and I are not on good terms. Source.

This guy and I are not on good terms. Source.

I’m certainly not the first to point it out, but I’m certainly just as bitter. Mr. Groundhog quite simply sucked at his sole responsibility this year. An utter and complete liar that little guy has been. What a jerk.

As I write this post, it is pouring rain and 40-something degrees. It is also the last week in March. I’m quickly starting to believe I no longer live in the sunny south, but somewhere much less pleasant. While mother nature doesn’t seem to be planning to get with the picture anytime soon, a girl can dream about warmer, and sunnier trips to come.

Within the last two weeks, I survived my first getaway weekend of 2013 (survived is appropriate as this was Savannah for St. Pat’s for a bachelorette party) and have booked flights for two upcoming trips in the next 30-days.

In January, I shared my unfinished resolutions, one of which I’m hoping this favorite little season will help me to continue to knock out of the park: to take more risks.

So what do booking flights and taking vacations have to to with this?

Taking time away to do fun things definitely doesn’t scream “check-that off the list” when it comes to resolutions, but when it means stepping out of the routine, it means a much more fun version of that goal. Here’s what I can say I’ve checked off the list so far and what’s exciting to come during my favorite (sunnier) season of the year.

On Taking Risks

One of my college roommates is finishing up her final Optometry school rotation before she becomes a real-live doctor in Tucson, Arizona. Rotations mean short times in neat cities, and add in our other college roommate’s teacher schedule and we were left with a single weekend in which to make a trip. I’m a big fan of not having plans and going with the flow, but not when it comes to things like spending money.

My friends and family can attest for my need to “beat” the retailers when it comes to the sale, the coupon or the discount. Booking a flight across the country three weeks before takeoff = not cheap. But what the heck, we did it anyway. How often is your best friend going to live in places that look like this, have a car and a free place to stay? In a rare occurrence, my stomach didn’t even drop when I clicked the purchase button.

How do you say no when your BFF is Instagraming this on a daily basis?

How do you say no when your BFF is Instagraming this on a daily basis?

In an act of balance, the airline world must have rewarded my efforts, as I snagged a flight deal for a $40 discount within a 24-hour timeframe for the next trip to DC later in the month to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. High five bank account. This race will mark my fourth half marathon and my frist destination race to do so. Oh, and there’s that little promise of a blue Tiffany’s box at the finish line. If that isn’t motivation to make a weekend getaway out of a physical activity, I’m not sure what is.

In addition to these two weekend trips, P and I are looking to go big this year for the big 25. We both officially enter our mid-twenties this year and are hoping to take some time off to take a vacation to somewhere we have never been. We do a lot of exploring locally and to family favorite spots, but want to switch it up this year. Ireland? Jamaica? Costa Rica? Who knows. We’re not there yet. Our only requirement: it must contain at least one activity the requires the use of the Go-Pro.

So there you have it, baby steps, but three months in and the resolutions are still alive. Spring is certainly going to be a whirlwind with trips in addition to races, weddings and gradations. I’m looking forward to meeting the rather fun challenges head on, if Spring ever decides to show up. Come on Mr. Groundhog, we’re ready for you.