Creativity lessons from my Dad

13th June 2013

With Father’s Day around the corner, I can’t help think about the guy I get to call Dad and some of the wonderful things he’s sent my way. I honestly think I could write an entire book (maybe I’ll tackle that some day) about the unconditional love, lessons and purpose my parents have both given to me in my last 24 years.

But for today, I want to brag on him and his incredible talents for a few minutes. Some people get their inspiration from Pinterest, others consult a magazine, some hire a professional. I’m lucky enough to have lived with all three, in one man, for the last 24 years. Since I can remember, my Dad has been what you would call a maker, a modern-day DIYer if you will.

Let’s just take a look a few of his best creations that now find their homes in my apartment.

Drift Wood Coat RackThis guy, now serving as a coat rack (but really for aprons), was the result of a recent hike P and I took along the Chattahoochee. I’m always on the lookout for a great plank of wood for projects. Barns, beaches, paths, I keep my eyes open at all times. I came across a piece of driftwood washed ashore from a recent storm which was a little less than five feet in length. P very clearly let me know this was only coming home with us if I carried it the entire hike back. So I did. I brought it home to my parent’s house and a little less than two weeks later, I came home to this. My Dad negotiated with a client who is an Antique’s dealer to give him four door knobs…for free.

Total cost: Free.


My headboard was another co-DIY project and might be my favorite of all time. After seeing several West Elm and Pottery Barn inspired furniture pieces that were clearly out of my price range, I sketched out a design and shared the idea with Dad. We opted for 2’4″‘s for the structure, which resulted in a lot of cutting lengthwise and widthwise, notching to ensure every “square” would have enough support, sanding too smooth it all down and a few coats of stain. You can read more on the entire process here. We are both probably more proud of this one than anything else we have ever made¬†together (though those pillows that are a result of my recent conquering of the sewing machine are a close second ;)).

Total cost: Around $40 for wood, stain and nails

While everyone may think their parents are the greatest, and I may be a little biased, I’m pretty sure I lucked out with the two I have. I’m so grateful to have been blessed with a set of two amazing people who have taught me about love, life and who also continue to share a little creative, do-it-yourself spirit in everything we do together.

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