The road to recovery

17th June 2013

My running relationship has been a rocky one for the past six weeks. Here’s the rundown: take a three week break,  get impatient, run three times, think my knee might explode again, take two more weeks off, survive an early morning Peachtree practice run with friends, another quick two miler with the BF and today on my first solo adventure out the door this happened…

(Actually, that photo is from another storm a few weeks ago. Trust me, you don’t want to see a selfie of what I looked like after this one, just take my word that there was a lot of running mascara involved and the cloud that monsooned on me for three miles was just as dark.)

Sometimes it simply amazes me how wonderful those little winks are from the big Guy. Running in the rain is my absolute favorite. Even more so when I’m already out the door. Even more, more so when I’m soaked to the bone and get hit with a tidal wave of water from a speeding car on Peachtree Street.

Thanks for the welcome back to running. I’m looking forward to keeping this up.

0 thoughts on “The road to recovery

  1. Drew Hawkins

    Sounds like you were at least doing a good job of taking time off. It’s hard to do but it’s easier to take a large chunk of time off up front to nurse a small injury than having to repetitively take time off from a lack of rest. Welcome back!