Friday Favorites: Edition Three

23rd October 2015

I have a three week streak going on here with today’s Friday favorites. Other posts, not so much. Baby steps you guys. Apparently, this week was for impromptu decision making, but not for pictures. I only have screen shots of calligraphy on my camera roll since Sunday. Oops. Away we go with words.

On cheese dip

My baby sister convinced me to forgo a run pre-pilates at Stellar Bodies in exchange for Taqueria del Sol. I told her no cheese dip. She ignored that request and ordered the cheese dip, which we devoured. I somehow managed to not throw up in class. What else are sisters for if not to help you make healthier life choices? By healthier, I’m referring to how good for your soul a dinner with your sister can be.

On the future

Confession: I actually did not do this this week. The first We Live in the Future event took place this week in Atlanta, opening to a killer crowd. After the sweaty class mentioned above, I opted to head home and recover instead. I’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes feels the need to bail on your schedule from time to time. It resulted in some much needed GOT, on the couch, in leggings, with a cute boy instead. Rest assured, the next event is back on my to-do list.

On podcasting

I’ve been on the hunt for podcasts to replace music while running. I stumbled across Invisibilia from NPR this week and while I might be behind on the bandwagon, holy obsessed.  If you’re fascinated whatsoever by how the human brain works, check it out.

On what’s ahead for the weekend

Making the most of fall. Burt’s will not be pushed off of our agenda and we’ll officially kickoff Halloween week with the annual Spirit of Oakland tour alongside my family.