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Up in the air

11th June 2013

A March birthday gift turned into a June adventure this weekend after several cancelations and reschedules, but this time the rain would not keep us away. Peachtree Dekalb Airport has always held a special place in P and I’s relationship, we’ve found ourselves hanging out there from pretty much day one. It only seemed fitting to celebrate his birthday this year by actually getting up in a plane for some flying lessons.

Even though I’ve already posted pictures to Instagram and Facebook and told just about everyone about how fun this adventure was, I couldn’t help but document it here as well (wupfh, anyone?).  20130611-203826.jpg

American Flyers took great care of us. When I went looking for lessons, I came across these guys on Groupon and knew it was meant to be. After a quick intro video and a half an hour in the simulator, we were heading into the skies.


Pre-takeoff allowed for some pretty good selfies. #guilty


As the pilot (which I was not) you basically do everything except landing. Once we were in the air, we were given clearance to fly just about anywhere we wanted as we were below a certain altitude. This meant we made it out to Stone Mountain, over downtown and Buckhead and even up I85 for some neat spots like a giant rock quarry that neither of us even knew existed.


Another adventure in the books. If you’re looking to check out a new view on the horizon, I’d suggest giving this one a try. It’s always fun to see home from another angle 😉