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Friday Favorites: Edition Four

30th October 2015

Congratulations, not only did we make it to Friday, but we also made it to Halloween eve. I’ll be celebrating with the two bags of candy corn I have yet to eat (after already making it through three ?). Beyond mini candy bars, ghosts and ghouls, there was plenty to stop and be thankful for this week.

On baby animals

Uber ran a promo this week to request a basket of kittens instead of a car. Thanks to quite a bit of dedication, the Dragon Army team lucked out and four furry friends arrived at our office for a play date this week. Pure bliss. The promotion cost $30, with proceeds going to the Atlanta Humane Society. The kittens are also all up for adoption starting today, for $10 each. Happy take home a cat day.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.20.02 AM

On the never ending Hocus Pocus

I hosted a Hocus Pocus party at my house earlier this week, because we all need another excuse to break out that DVD. Kate made these bloody cocktails, which really tasted like we belonged on a beach somewhere. A beachy drink + October = can we do this every night?

FullSizeRender 12

On partying with the past

The Atlanta History Center hosted this month’s Party with the Past at Oglethorpe University. If you’ve never been, this event series is one of my favorites. Each month, they choose a new historic destination around town and while the beer is not free, the history is, so it more than makes up for itself in the long run. For this event, we heard about the Crypt of Civilization, a time capsule sealed in 1940 and scheduled to open in 8113 AD. You read that right, we have roughly 6,000 years to go.

FullSizeRender 13

On the YouTube of the future

I had the pleasure of moderating a panel at this year’s Mobility Live conference on the future of mobile video. Speakers from CNN, Twitter, Akamai and NewsOn shared more than a few interesting discussion points, proving to us all that yes, someone is responsible for keeping the internet going and no, it isn’t run by little hamsters on wheels.


On what’s ahead for the weekend.

Halloween, duh. Can we have a mulligan on October? Let’s make it happen all over again.

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London Calling

19th August 2014

As I write this post, I’m finally regaining control over the jet lag beast after a whirlwind week in London, and what a little adventure it was. My first time out of the country (passport stamp to prove it) with six days of listening to those lovely British accents and heck of a lot of tourist moments to prove it.

When I found out there was a chance I would be heading across the pond for business, I purposely kept my excitement level at about a two all the way up until the point I crossed through international security on Thursday evening – from there, all bets were off.

I traveled with two of my favorite coworkers, making the journey that much more exciting. We started the trip with a stop at Ecco for a drink – a Long Live the Queen seemed appropriate enough.

Long Live the Queen

Side note – how sparkling are the floors of the new international terminal at Hartsfield? Maybe I’m the only one who is dazzled by them every time I’m flown out of that are.

We landed around 7 AM London time, so I was beyond grateful to our hotel for the early check in around 9:30 AM. Bags dropped and we headed off to find food – sleep later. After lunch, we wandered over to Tower Bridge and Tower of London. In honor of World War I, there is currently a poppy installation that is absolutely breathtaking. I had caught a glimpse earlier in the week through US media, but was more drawn to Duchess Kate’s coat that time around, so it was such a pleasant surprise to see the grand scale and painstaking detail in person.

Tower of London Poppies

The next few days continued with more adventures, which seemed to also conveniently align with either champagne or sunshine. Rather than give you a play by play, here are the highlights broken into three categories.

1. Activities that included a glass of champagne

First up, a champagne tour of the London eye.

London eye

London eye champagne tour

London eye view

Second, a stop at Harrod’s.

Harrods Champagne Bar

Finally, not a champagne stop, but this adorable little owl drink at Night Jar – a fantastic speakeasy.

night jar owl

2. Tourist stops I wasn’t afraid to obnoxiously photograph (which was everything)

During the month of August when the Queen is away, Buckingham Palace offers tours inside. I would highly recommend it.

Buckingham Palace

I couldn’t resist a double decker bus begging me to share with the home state.

share a coke

3. Morning run routes that allowed me to see more of the city (and look like a sweaty, lost tourist)

Run club over Tower Bridge – at a balmy 6:00 AM.

tower bridge

While the 40 kid line kept me from an actual photo of platform 9 3/4, I couldn’t resist making a trip to Kings Cross.

kings cross

While the week has been packed with work as well (hello sixteen hour days), I was so thankful to get to spend some time making the most of this incredibly gracious, welcoming and charming city. My next international adventure will be to Belize in just a few short months with a slightly different travel agenda and companion (hello honeymoon) and I cannot wait.


Until then, I’ll be dreaming of those delightful British accents and tiny tea pots.

What do my values have to do with my career?

16th September 2013

A few months ago, a friend of mine passed along a copy of the book Remarkable!, but with a stack of summer reading by my side (sorry Kevin, Divergent sucked me in far too quickly), it sat by my bedside … until last week. During a quarterly client meeting with Chick-fil-A, Chick-fil-A’s VP of Marketing, and also the book’s co-author, David Salyers, gave each of our agency partners a copy and shared a presentation on some of the book’s core tenants as it related to the business.

On a cross country flight this weekend, I packed it in my bag determined to get started. I finished the book before we landed. One of the book’s tenants really struck a chord with me and it was the nature of values.

Typically, we define values as things like kindness or honesty, however, David and Randy Ross define values as the impact made on a person’s thoughts, beliefs, decision-making processes and performance.


The interesting twist, which the authors also point out, is that in order to be our most successful, our work and personal values almost always converge. The exercise certainly got me thinking about what I might define as my own values. I hope these tenants (and others) are ones that I can consciously bring to bettering my work and personal relationships.

1. Having a balance between work and personal life

For me personally, I don’t thrive under 14 hour workdays. I work really well when I can work average days at the office, take a break and get back to it for a period of time at night if possible. I know that in order to produce my best work, I need an environment that encourages me to be myself outside of the office and stay focused for core periods of time.

2. The opportunity to communicate and build relationships with others

While I would certainly categorize myself as a competitive person, I try really hard to focus on building up those around me before myself. It’s certainly not an easy task sometimes, as our natal reaction as humans will always be selfishness. However, I thrive in an organization where camaraderie and collaboration are core tenants. You never know the day someone is having or the difference a small vote of confidence can make. For this reason, I know roles which allow me to work closely with others in strategy, planning or account management would be the best fits for me in the agency world.

3. Positivity

This one might sound silly, who doesn’t value positivity? I value my ability to maintain good relationships and a structure where relationships trump results. The funny thing is, I find if you treat people well and approach problems with a positive attitude, they often work harder, spend more or come back more frequently, which ultimately leads to better results.

What are your values? If you spend any time thinking on the topic (or reading the book), I’d love to hear your thoughts.


DISCLOSURE: Chick-fil-A is a client of Engauge, however all thoughts represented are my own and are not necessarily a reflection of Engauge or Chick-fil-A.