Summer Bucket List: Scott Antique Market

9th June 2013

A mere several hours after I wrote this post forcefully putting my summer dreams into stone type, my dear friend Kristy asked about about heading to Scott’s over the weekend. It had been several months since I last visited Scott Antique Market to explore what is best known as “America’s favorite treasure hunt.” So Saturday morning, after a brief stop at the Peachtree Hills Festival of the Arts, which included King of Pops (check another for the bucket list) and free Applewood hotdogs (delicious), we ventured out to brave Atlanta traffic.

If you aren’t familiar with Scott’s, picture two separate buildings, the size of … well I’m not sure exactly … several airplane hangers each? Who knows, let’s just say it’s HUGE. There’s a $5 entry fee and that might as well be $5 to get to go the Six Flags of Antique Hunters for adults.

Here’s your cheat sheet for navigating:

  • North building: Really, really old and beautiful things (aka expensive)
  • South building: Think fixer-upper (aka diamonds in the rough)
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate on prices, in fact I think it’s a must
  • If you can’t find a dealer, just ask the neighbors. Even sellers have a habit of getting a case of wanderlust in this place
  • Bring cash

So with cash and game faces in tow, to the South side we went.

Here are a few of my favorite finds:


Who needs a mummy in their house? Probably us.


I was fascinated with these bottles and their story. They sure didn’t come cheap though (around $50 for the bigger ones.)


Sometimes you see things like this.

After all of those antics and some more exploring, I finally settled on a rather simply jewelry purchase of three necklaces, for a grand total of $4. I was fairly pleased with this one, and I even negotiated, even if it was only a dollar.


So there you have it, we will be back, soon I’m certain. To more adventures and bucket list items I go.