Summer Bucket List

5th June 2013

I’m not quite sure what it is, but even post-college, summer still seems to have a sweet aura about it where you can dig up a little extra time in the days and make the most of a great adventure or two.

Peachtree Road Farmers MarketWhile we are already a week or so in to my favorite season of the year, I’ve finally compiled my summer bucket list, one which I hope will evolve and result in supporting blog posts to document the tales.

  • Hike to the cliffs and jump. If you’ve gone tubing down the Chattahoochee before, you’ve seen the jumping cliffs. Fun fact: you can hike there too. Weeknight hikes are quickly becoming my favorite way to cap of a weekday and while hiking scaling the side of a cliff isn’t on my list of favorite things to do, I do seem to get less fearful each time. Plus it’s hot and jumping into the water while we leave our shoes on the cliff just sounds plain fun
  • Learn attempt to learn calligraphy. This one is slightly lofty, but it’s been on my list for quite some time, so what better summer project. I’ve been eying this program, but if anyone knows of a local in-person course, I’d happily take recommendations
  • Sharpen my media skills. This one is work driven, but I am no pro when it comes to media buying, vendors, etc. As my role requires me to have a fairly in-depth knowledge across channels, this is a good continuation
  • Buy vegetables from the farmer’s market. I finally made it to the weekly Peachtree Road Farmer’s Market last week and it was lovely. However, picking out greens seemed too overwhelming, I’ll get over this
  • Take a trip to the mountains complete with fresh fruit: blueberries, cherries and peaches … oh my. Maybe I can even cheat and get cherries in Michigan during our annual trip in August, I always seem to just miss peak season
  • Watch more than one sunset from PDK. Another favorite hidden Atlanta gem
  • Run once a week without a watch to keep pace. This is a big one, the watch is addicting and distracting. I need to spend some time falling back in love with the pavement (or trails)
  • (On the opposite effect) Run a sub-50 10K. With my recent knee issues, that don’t seem to be letting up, I’m not certain this is realistic, but you better believe I’ll try my darnedest on the Fourth of July
  • Kayak the Hooch. We can add tubing here, that’s bound to happen at least a few times
  • Make King of Pops a staple (as if it wasn’t already)
  • Celebrate turning 25 without fear of entering my “mid-twenties”


0 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. Jessica Lawlor

    LOVE all of these summer goals. How awesome. Learning calligraphy sounds like an incredibly daunting task to me- my print writing is atrocious, and I haven’t done cursive since the third grade. Good luck also on your 10K goal! My goal a sub-30 minute 5K. I’ve come close, but haven’t gotten there yet.

  2. Lauren Carnes

    I’m ready for some calligraphy with you! $95 isn’t bad at all for the course!