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Friday Favorites: Edition Two

16th October 2015

If you’re new here, this is round two of a Friday Favorites round up. Monday through Thursday can often get overlooked, so this is my attempt to show they can be just as cool as weekends.  You can catch last week’s round up here.

On exotic animals

We had a company outing to Zoo Atlanta this week to visit the Scaly Slimy Spectacular, Zoo Atlanta’s redesigned amphibian and reptile experience. Our team built a mobile game for the experience, so it was great to see the experience in its natural habitat. I was particularly drawn to this gal, a Meller’s Chameleon. Fun fact, it’s breeding season and she’s not exactly thrilled with her partner at the moment. Those dark spots and her open mouth are signs that she’s less than pleased. Boys can be dumb. We feel ya girl.IMG_5814

On making reading fun for kids

This week was our bi-monthly meeting for the Young Professionals Council of Everybody Wins, a non-profit I’m involved with here in Atlanta. I always walk away from our meetings equal parts ready to change the world and ready to read endless amounts of Harry Potter with our kiddos. After a long hiatus, I finally signed back up to be a reader this week at our newest school, Garden Hills Elementary. If you’re interested in an easy way to give back to your local community with a short once a week time commitement over your lunch break, head over to the Everybody Wins website or read about my experience.

On Halloween

After a rainy Saturday spent DIYing some scary super cheesy tombstones we finally got the house spruced up for Halloween. While it’s unlikely we’ll end up with any trick-or-treaters on our dead end street, it makes me happy to come home to a house looking like this. Can we petition for more decor friendly holidays prior to October? They are the best.

FullSizeRender 11

On what’s ahead for the weekend

My college roommate is coming to town to celebrate her birthday. While I’ve already teed up Spice World on Netflix, we’re also making a list of Atlanta adventures. With the Brookhaven Arts Festival, the UGA – Mizzou game and Oakhurst Porchfest, we won’t have a shortage of activities around here.

With that, a very happy Friday friends.